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When developing a new spa, there are many different things to consider. Regardless of the type of spa you are going to launch, you need to capture the essence of what makes a spa a great spa.


Many spa owners and investors do not have prior knowledge of the spa industry, so it is always advisable to employ the services of a seasoned spa consultant, in order to do things right the first time and avoid making mistakes which may be costly to rectify.


While spas may be relaxing, exclusive and even glamorous, the legwork involved with developing a new spa isn’t. Experienced spa consultants can take care of every detail from inception to opening.


Firstly, the spa owner needs to establish what it will cost to set up the spa. He/ she needs to consider the following:


  • Construction costs
  • Shop fitting and decor costs
  • Cash flow requirements for the first 3 to 9 months of operation
  • When will the spa break even?
  • When will the business show a profit?


This requires a sound business plan and 3 to 5 year financial model. In order to assist in getting accurate figures, the spa owner has to decide:

  • Which products will be used?
  • What treatments will be offered and at what price?


A competitive analysis is carried out to help the spa owner decide how they are going to price the products and services offered.


Often, the spa owner realizes that they had not set aside enough capital for the investment, so they take some time to come up with the financial resources required and then proceed with the project.


The next step is deciding the spa concept and philosophy. What is the purpose of the spa? Is it a haven where people come to relax? Will there be a focus on wellness? Will the spa offer medi-treatments? Once this decision is made, the spa consultant will know what facilities to include in the spa.


Spa consultants work with interior designers to create a profitable, well flowing spa layout. The layout indicates the location of the spa facilities (treatment rooms, spa reception, manager’s office, etc). The drawings also indicate where electrical and plumbing points are required.


The next bit is the fun and creative part of the process – design. The spa owner and interior designer discuss colour schemes and create a story board showing colours, textures and styles of furniture, fittings, etc.


Once construction begins, the procurement process can proceed. Equipment, consumables, products and a software program need to be sourced and ordered from reputable suppliers.

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